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What is the Shared Cinematic License Agreement?

Demon Hunters isn’t locked behind traditional copyright restrictions. Instead, we all play by a set of simple, shared rules. Every work is released under our Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe License & Agreement, allowing broad rights to remix, imagine anew, and play. Do what you want with your creation, and then get excited about how others remix it into one big, collaborative story.

Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe License & Agreement v1.0


  1. The Demon Hunters series of programs were first produced and put out into the Universe in 1999 by Dead Gentlemen Productions LLC (“DG”).
    B. DG created Demon Hunters from scratch. As creator, DG owns the copyrights to Demon Hunters and its creative elements.
    C. DG welcomes viewers, of course. The more Demon Hunters viewers, the better. Expand the community. Tell your friends.
    D. DG, quite unusually, welcomes community members to create their own original variations, adaptations, and spin-offs of Demon Hunters, provided that the new creators agree to all of the following terms.


  1. You affirm your understanding that DG owns the copyright to all the Demon Hunters episodes that DG has already created or will create. That includes the stories, scripts, characters, dialogue, designs, costumes, make-up, props, cinematography, music and everything else that goes into any motion picture.
  2. DG grants you a conditional, free, non-exclusive license to make and distribute your own variations, adaptations or spin-offs of Demon Hunters. Really. You own the copyright to your creation, as a derivative work based on Demon Hunters. This explicitly includes video, the written word, live theater, music, the visual arts, and dramatic entertainments.
  3. BUT, “Share-Alike” applies. It’s a condition of your license. You must expressly allow other folks to make free use of whatever you create for further variations, adaptations or spin-offs of Demon Hunters including use of whatever new elements you create. That means that you must include or link to this license and state explicitly that your work is released under the terms of the Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe License & Agreement. If you don’t “Share-Alike,” you lose your license.
  4. “Attribution” also applies. It’s a condition of your license. You have to give prominent credit to DG, to Demon Hunters, and to the creators of any subsequent work you use to make your work. And you have to give prominent on-line links to the Demon Hunters web-site and to the web-sites of any other works that you used to make your work. Crediting third-party works is by necessity a good faith effort—as more works by more creators are created using this license, it is possible that tracing originating works may become difficult. Keep an online record of the credits for your work that can updated as necessary with missing third-party credits. (The Demon Hunters Wiki is a good place to list your project and credited works.) If you don’t give “Attribution,” you lose your license.
  5. “Transformation” counts too. It’s a condition of your license. You can’t just copy all or parts of Demon Hunters or someone else’s work. You have to create something original. In other words, we welcome you to create a transformative work, that uses but is not a mere copy of Demon Hunters or someone else’s work.
  6. “Integrity” is required. It’s a condition of your license. Be careful and smart when you create your work. The license from DG doesn’t mean that all new elements you use are OK. Don’t rip off anyone! For example, if you add new characters, or you add music, or you use a new story line, or you use someone else’s trademarks, artworks or words in your work, be sure they are original or that you get written permission from the copyright owners of those new elements. You agree to be solely responsible for claims and damages if you don’t have the integrity to do this right, and that includes indemnifying others who thereafter use any of your elements to create their own new works.
  7. “Keep It Clean.” It’s a condition of your license. If DG perceives your derivative work to be hateful, racist, or misogynist, DG reserves the right to void your license and you agree that, among other remedies, DG can compel the immediate removal of the Demon Hunters name from your work or (in extreme cases) the immediate removal of the work from distribution.
  8. “Demon Hunters CANON STATUS” – If you’d like your creation to be recognized as part of the official Demon Hunters Canon, you must acquire approval from DG’s Demon Hunters Story Team before, during, or after you create your work. DEMON HUNTERS Canon Status will be granted at DG’s discretion based on its Story Team’s determination that your completed work fits creatively within the overall narrative of the DEMON HUNTERS universe as conceived by DG. Yes, this is vague—but we can’t make it more specific. It’s at DG’s discretion. The advantage of receiving DEMON HUNTERS Canon Status is you can use the DEMON HUNTERS Canon logo on your work and be an official part of the story. If you generate any profits from your DEMON HUNTERS Canon work you agree to give DG 10% of your net profits to be used by DG solely to support this experiment in the creation of collective art. Your accounting and payments should be done as revenue comes in but let’s face it, DG is not likely to sue you if you haven’t paid a hundred dollars. You are becoming a member of a community and we rely upon you to do the right thing for the community. If you seem to be cheating, DG can at its discretion revoke your Canon Status.
  9. “Limits on Re-use.” It’s a condition of your license. This license does not grant you the right to use or license any Demon Hunters footage, other than what is wholly original with or created by you, for broadcast television, cable television, theatrical exhibitions (except at conventions and festivals), subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, “over the top” delivery services (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), without getting explicit written permission from all the copyright holders. Violation of this obligation will revoke your license and you will be responsible for any claims arising from your violation, including without limitation any claims from any entertainment industry union or guild.
  10. Your attribution must take the following form:

Demon Hunters London: The Plague Years is copyright ©2018 John Doe and is released under the terms of Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe License and Agreement:
Attribution: This work is based on Demon Hunters, copyright ©2018 Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and reuses content from Demon Hunters: Melbourne, copyright @2018 Jane Doe.
Share-alike: You are free to use, remix, and transform this work in the creation of your original Demon Hunters stories and projects, subject to the Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe License & Agreement

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(And, if approved by the Demon Hunters Story Team)

DEMON HUNTERS CANON: Demon Hunters London: The Plague Years has been approved as an official part of the Demon Hunters Shared Cinematic Universe story.

Printed works must also reproduce this complete license in their text.

This is an effort at a plain-English agreement but don’t misunderstand. This is a contract. If you don’t understand what is said, get professional advice. If you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth above, then show your acceptance by printing and emailing a signed and dated copy of this license agreement to